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Climate change is one of the greatest environmental challenges that we have ever faced. SUNCONTRACT can help a lot.
The energy market is extremely centralised. SUNCONTRACT can decentralize it.

A Brief Conversation with a SUNCONTRACT Customer

Recently we were talking with a friend who has bought electricity on the SUNCONTRACT platform since April 1st, 2018. He was one of first PIONEERS to have joined the platform.

First of all, let me say that the conversation took place in a small cafe with a friendly atmosphere in the center of Ljubljana. Our conversation drifted from discussing our daily lives and current events to his experience on the SUNCONTRACT energy trading platform.

At first, we asked him how the transition of energy providers went. He replied that the switch was performed seamlessly. All he had to do was to return the signed contract and wait for April 1st. On that day, SUNCONTRACT automatically replaced his former supplier and, without a problem, his energy consumption became managed on the platform. Due to the GDPR regulation however, data is currently provided monthly rather than continuously, but the team hopes to resolve this issue soon.

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  When asked about the price of energy, he said that his PIONEER status has given him a better price than with past providers. To illustrate this point, in February 2019 he received a summary invoice for the previous year and on average he saved around 20%!
Of course, this is due to his PIONEER status. Anyone who now joins the platform cannot expect such a discount. However, in the future it will be possible to implement individual agreements through the marketplace.

  At the moment this is still not possible, but he told me that he already has an individual agreement with a price somewhere around 43-49 € / MWh. This is less than the cheapest option offered by Slovenian retailers. In addition, he also has signed a new PIONEER contract for 2019 which is the same as 2018’s rate.

  This is incredible considering that all Slovenian retailers have raised the price of electricity by at least 5%. He wanted new users to know that while the price may not always appear to be favorable, it is necessary to make a price calculation on a few months average or even a whole year to realize one’s savings.

  Finally, we asked him what he expected in the future. He says that he is aware that the platform is still in the development phase, so enhancements and bugs are to be expected. Fortunately, the development team has been on top of everything. From implementing suggested improvements to correcting small bugs, they have been very transparent and communicative. He also expects direct trading in the year 2019, a regular overview of the data, and the ability to pay both the network and energy cost on the platform. Currently, energy is somewhere between 40%-50% of the costs, but everything else are network costs. This currently needs to be paid separately to the system operator. Thankfully, the team has confirmed that it will add this feature in 2019.


After this pleasant talk on a beautiful sunny day, we agreed to meet again in a year to revisit the issues touched upon in our conversation and see how his experience and expectations progressed.


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