Tehnologija in zeleno okolje se pogosto lahko zdita dve nasprotujoči stvari. S povečanjem tehnološke odvisnosti povečujemo tudi vpliv na okolje. Ampak to bi se lahko spremenilo. V prihodnosti bo tehnologija varovala in zmanjševala vpliv le te.

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SunContract CEO - Gregor Novak interviewed by Carlo Cerutti of CNBC News

SunContract CEO - Gregor Novak was interviewed by Carlo Cerutti of CNBC News in Monaco. The SunContract team presented the project to key industry leaders at the 9th Global Family Office Investment Summit and CEO Gregor Novak spoke at the event, he also participated in a blockchain panel and was interviewed by CNBC regarding the project.

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VIDEO: SUNCONTRACT on 9th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Monaco

Look at the video and do your own math what can summit like this do to any good project like SUNCONTRACT. We are looking forward to hearing any news from Monaco.

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Big opportunity for SUNCONTRACT: 9th Global Family Office Investment Summit

We're honored to announce that SUNCONTRACT team is invited to the 9th Global Family Investment Summit in Monte Carlo – Monaco. The summit is a private forum exclusively organized for family offices, ultra-elite private investors, prominent business owners, Sheikhs, Royal family members, financial families, and their private offices from around the world.

SUNCONTRACT CEO – Gregor Novak will be speaking at the summit. And he will be joined by SunContract CFO - Mojca Bajec, CMO - Winfred K. Mandela and Director of Business Development - Tomaž Kričej for private peer-to-peer conversation, networking and cross-border thought leadership.

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