SUNCONTRACT on Italia Solare Forum 2018

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From right Giorgio Zaupa and Alessandro Basilico (TecnoAPP)  
Tomaz Kricej (SUNCONTRACT) Paolo Rocco Viscontini(CHAIRMAN OF ITALIA SOLARE)

On 11th of December 2018, Suncontract representatives were introduced on the ITALIA SOLARE FORUM 2018. The Italian market is very important for SUNCONTRACT team.

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New Suncontract platform features and improvements


Later today, when we logged on a platform, we saw new functionalities. 

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CryptoDoctors Sessions - Interview with SunContract Founder and CEO Gregor Novak


CryptoDoctors Sessions is the latest project Crypto Trade Academy team is working on. Through interviews and debates, they try to give you the pulse of the crypto industry.  They present various blockchain enterprises and technologies as well as run analyses of different cryptocurrency markets.



 In Episode 2, they presented SunContract and its energy token $SNC

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Slovenačka blokčejn platforma za trgovinu energijom SunContract širi se na italijansko tržište

SunContract, slovenačka platforma za trgovinu energijom zasnovana na blokčejnu, nedavno je sklopila strateško partnerstvo sa italijanskom energetskom kompanijom Tecnoapp, saopštila je firma SunContract.

Ugovorom o saradnji koji su potpisali SunContract i Tecnoapp predviđa se zajednički rad na tržišnom prodoru platforme SunContract i decentralizaciji energetskog tržišta u Italiji. 


Voith and Siemens to collaborate on hybrid plants that include hydropower


Hybrid Power Plant in Laghouat ProvinceX Algeria mod2













Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co. KG and the Siemens Energy Management Division have signed a letter of intent for collaborating on appropriate hybrid power projects containing hydropower.

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