Why renewable energy?

For many generations, society has relied on burning fossil fuels to generate energy. In today’s world, using oil, gas and coal for our energy needs is becoming a problem. Here are a few reasons why we think you should join SunContract in the renewable energy bandwagon:

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In Britain (the homeland of CryptoBlubber and therefore my most relatable example) we have what we call 'the big 6'.

No this is not referring to Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea but rather to the six huge energy retailers (British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power, and SSE) who supply over 80% of Britain's energy (gas and electric) to British consumers. These big firms usually makes national news every year when energy prices rise substantially again. Unfortunately they have been able to get away with charging ridiculous prices for energy for years due to their domination of the market. 

However, if I was to tell you that back in 2004 these 6 companies supplied 100% of the energy, we can see that there is a trend for consumers to look elsewhere for energy in order to bring down costs. 


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The SunContract platform brings a great energy storage device to Slovenia

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Buyers and sellers are surprised, when they get the opportunity, to set the price of electricity, says co-founder and director of Ljubljana's SunContract Gregor Novak.




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Company SONCE started to advertise Solar PP in Slovenija

The team has started to advertise Solar power plants in print media, radio stations, social media,... This is a big step toward SNC adoption in Slovenia. With visibility of SNC token, the value will only rise. For now, you can buy Power plants, heat pumps and duo (HP&PP). 

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The Future Lies in a Combination of Renewables and Blockchain Article on Energetika.net (ENG)

SONCE energija, the company behind the SunContract platform, now responsible for marketing the services provided by the platform in its new role as a partner for the Slovenian market, has installed more than 200 solar power plants across Slovenia in the last decade. After the idea of an energy trading platform was unveiled publicly last year, USD 2 million was raised fairly quickly to fund its development, ultimately giving rise to SunContract.

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