Interview with Solar power plant owner


Our community member made an interview with a happy customer, who bought solar powerplant with SNC and connected to SUNCONTRACT platform. Powerplant has now been working now for more than 4 months.

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He sounds really happy and this is the biggest proof that SUNCONTRACT idea is doing great and the team is really hardworking. 

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Valuable’ Potential Applications of Blockchain in Energy Sector Exist


The U.S. Senate has held a hearing on the energy efficiency of blockchain and similar technologies, according to an announcement published August 21.

The hearing on energy and natural resources, held by the U.S. Senate Committee in Washington, DC, focused on the application of blockchain and related technologies, as well as the cybersecurity possibilities of using such technologies in the energy industry.

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1 XyIVOy1URcw8I4eYWxmvywSunContract disrupts the energy sector with a unique business model, supported by the blockchain technology. Blockchain takes over the role of the middleman as technology support, which can be trusted by default since any activities on the blockchain are peer-to-peer reviewable.

SunContract is a platform that straightly connects electricity producers and consumers into an electricity supply based on smart contracts, that is a new, exciting and positive method to peer to peer electricity trading. Its vision is to promote a global self-sufficient energy community based on renewable energy and peer-to-peer energy trading based on the blockchain and smart contracts. By creating such an ecosystem, SunContract would like to offer exceptional independence when it comes to energy.

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What can Blockchain technology bring to the electricity grid of the future?

Blockchain is disrupting our financial systems with the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It is being heralded as "the foundation of the Internet of Value". The decentralised, secure nature of blockchain makes it highly useful for recording transactions, and eliminates the need for a trusted party to facilitate digital relationships. It is seen as a potential backbone for a transaction layer for the Internet, yet how does this impact conventional business models? Furthermore, what impact will it have on our energy systems? Will a distributed ledger alter how we create, purchase and use energy? What impact, it any, could it have on emissions?


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Voting for new exchange is open.

 Kriptomat is planning to add ERC20 tokens soon and they are turning to the community for feedback. You can vote for the token that you wish to see on platform.
Don't forget to VOTE #SunContract!
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