Interview with the SUNCONTRACT CEO - Gregor Novak,


Check out our interview with the @sun_contractSUNCONTRACT CEO - Gregor Novak, explaining all about the project and how does the listing of the SUNCONTRACT token on kriptomat benefit our community. 💪



SunContract - The revolution of the energy market


1. What is SunContract and how does the platform work? 

SunContract is an energy trading platform which is based on blockchain technology. It enables users to connect and thus trade directly energy (buy&sell) without the need for a third party participation.The company SunContract focuses exclusively on the currently renewable energy sources, such as Solar and wind energy and furthermore energy production from geothermal and biomass. 

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Suncontract on 51st MOS in Celje


MOS is a business and trade fair event that attracts over 900 exhibitors and 120,000 visitors each year.

Between September 11-16, team members are showcasing the $SNC platform ( at the 51st MOS Conference. MOS is one of the largest and most important trade fair events in #Slovenia and #Europe. In attendance will be 900 exhibitors and 120,000 guests. 


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Energy hygiene for better future of the future generations - Ivan's new Solar PP

We live in very interesting times when the old practices are making space for new technologies focused on protecting the environment and the use of “unlimited” resources of planet Earth. In the past, the rule was that the energy from renewable sources is unreliable and a burden for a grid. Today that same sources are ousting obsolete technics of firing the energy sources to power the steam machinery. 


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