Queen's Global Energy Conference CANADA 2019

In January 2019, Suncontract CMO - Winfred K. Mandela will be presenting the SunContract project at the Queen's Global Energy Conference in Kingston, Ontario - Canada. The event which will be attended by representatives from big Canadian energy companies and banks is organised by Queens University's Engineering faculty. Queens University ranks as one of the top 10 best universities in Canada.

Chief Marketing Officer - SunContract. Where blockchain technology meets renewable energy

We asked Ms. Mandela few questions. She gave us some interesting answers. The project is very interesting and very promising in the future. In the following lines, you can find some interesting claims. We think that with this project we have to be very patient and in the future, we could get interesting solutions. 

Winfred K. Mandela is the CMO for SunContract. She is responsible for linking the innovations of the company’s product team to the customer-focused operations of the business units to build the SunContract brand, create consumer awareness in the countries where the project is implemented and with the help of the marketing unit - drive customer preference for the brand through all channels.

December AMA with Gregor Novak


In December Suncontract team decided to make little different AMA in January. And they did. Gregor was recorded and he introduced what has been done in 2018 and what is planned for the future. 

More in the attached video.

SUNCONTRACT and the possibility to access with Trezor arrive to Panda Exchange

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Marking the beginning of a new and interesting year for SUNCONTRACT, team continues bringing good news to our users by adding SNC to PANDA EXCHANGE portfolio and new novelties. Panda.exchange is relative new exchange.Every user will have the possibility to exchange SNC in pairs for Ethereum, DAI and TUSD.In near future even BTC. Besides, validated users in Portugal (Europe) and Panamá will be able to exchange them for EUR or USD, respectively.

Happy Holidays From SUNCONTRACT COMMUNITY creators, A Special Thanks To Our Community




What a year!

In 2018, we saw the launch of a Suncontract platform, expansion to Italy and a lot of work has been done. The team presented SNC to new markets, to new potential partners… We have to commend the team, the community and everyone else connected to SNC project. Every single part of the chain is important. We have to say that a lot of things has been made in 2018 and we have to admit that this is only the start of something big. With small steps we can achieve great things, but only if we work together.

We hope everyone stays safe, happy and healthy and we look forward to another wonderful and full of wonder upcoming 2019! Such a beautiful community we live in.

Be Well Everyone!

With thanks and gratitude and best wishes to you and yours,


Suncontract community