SunContract - The revolution of the energy market


1. What is SunContract and how does the platform work? 

SunContract is an energy trading platform which is based on blockchain technology. It enables users to connect and thus trade directly energy (buy&sell) without the need for a third party participation.The company SunContract focuses exclusively on the currently renewable energy sources, such as Solar and wind energy and furthermore energy production from geothermal and biomass. 

Happy users on SNC platform.

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It has been a little less than 4 months since first users started using SNC tokens for electricity purchases on the SUNCONTRACT platform. For now, we did not find any negative feedback or bad experience from users.


SunContract has announced the launch of Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Deposit

SunContract has announced the launch of Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Deposit, a new feature on the SunContract platform that will facilitate the direct conversion of fiat money to SNC tokens, without the need to go through cryptocurrency exchanges. The official launch date for SEPA Deposit is 05/07/18.

"Customers will be able to purchase electricity using SNC tokens without having to go through a crypto exchange. This will be done directly on the platform thanks to our recently integrated SEPA fiat gateway which will enable the conversion of euros to SNC tokens for day to day transactions. This milestone will go a long way in encouraging adoption of the platform and as a result, expansion into foreign countries,'' said SunContract CEO - Mr. Gregor Novak.

SunContract believes that the fiat gateway will go a long way in encouraging adoption of the peer-to-peer energy trading of electricity, not only in Slovenia where the project is being implemented for a start, but also globally. Payment in SNC will be transferred directly to the owner of the power plant that supplied the energy or services. Liquidity for conversions will be guaranteed with SNC tokens available on the market. Fiat gateway service will extend to your country as soon as SunContract platform comes to your country.


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New Suncontract platform features and improvements


Later today, when we logged on a platform, we saw new functionalities. 

CryptoDoctors Sessions - Interview with SunContract Founder and CEO Gregor Novak


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 In Episode 2, they presented SunContract and its energy token $SNC