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Climate change is one of the greatest environmental challenges that we have ever faced. SUNCONTRACT can help a lot.
The energy market is extremely centralised. SUNCONTRACT can decentralize it.

Chief Marketing Officer - SunContract. Where blockchain technology meets renewable energy

We asked Ms. Mandela few questions. She gave us some interesting answers. The project is very interesting and very promising in the future. In the following lines, you can find some interesting claims. We think that with this project we have to be very patient and in the future, we could get interesting solutions. 

Winfred K. Mandela is the CMO for SunContract. She is responsible for linking the innovations of the company’s product team to the customer-focused operations of the business units to build the SunContract brand, create consumer awareness in the countries where the project is implemented and with the help of the marketing unit - drive customer preference for the brand through all channels.


How different is your platform from other Blockchain energy projects

photo 2018 04 13 19 22 06We are the first P2P energy trading platform based on blockchain to:
- launch our finished platform
- build the apps and make them accessible to both Android and iOS users
- we are commercially deployed publicly in Slovenia and many households are now being powered by way of our platform
- we are now working on expansion into a new country - Italy
- we have the support of the European Union
- we are a strategic partner of SolarPower Europe, one of the biggest cooperations working towards the adoption of renewable energy.
- Users on our platform can set the price they wish to purchase electricity at
- likewise, producers on our platform can choose the price at which they sell their surplus electricity
- If there is no mutual agreement, then users on the platform are not left stranded, they have access to the platform price
- We are eliminating the middleman company, making producers of electricity, as well as consumers, have more influence on how they sell or buy electricity


Why a Blockchain Energy P2P but not a producer? I mean Why are you doing energy exchange on your Blockchain but not producing energy and tokenizing it as a utility?

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- Our business model is more about empowering society. Giving them the control that they have lacked for over 100 years. If we sell the electricity to consumers, then we are not really decentralizing the energy sector which is what we strive to do with our business model. We would just be another energy company trying to consolidate market share for our benefit.

- We want consumers to decide what price they buy electricity at, we want producers to decide what price they sell electricity and by doing so we ultimately create an energy marketplace, somewhat like Uber, but in the energy sector ;)


Could you demonstrate how sustainable this project is?

- Absolutely. All of our energy is renewable. it's important to note however that the electricity is not just from the sun as the name of our company suggests. We have electricity being produced by wind turbines. solar panels, hydro etc. And users on our platform actually have the liberty to select exactly which source of renewable energy they purchase.

I think the fact that our project is renewables based answers the question of sustainability. Renewable energy as the name suggests, is finite and we are not limiting ourselves to any one particular type of renewable energy.


So far what impact has the project made?

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- Cost savings of up to 35% for Slovenian consumers
- A more efficient energy business model
- Contributing towards SDGs by using only renewables to power households.
- We have been even showcased at the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan as being a good example of how blockchain projects can be used to contribute towards sustainability


We would like to thanks  Ms. Mandela for the answers. We hope that in the future we will see and hear about the new progress of the SUNCONTRACT project.


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