Happy users on SNC platform.

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It has been a little less than 4 months since first users started using SNC tokens for electricity purchases on the SUNCONTRACT platform. For now, we did not find any negative feedback or bad experience from users.



On public chat channels, the team is dealing with some guys who are disappointed about the price of SNC. But this is not the main goal for now. When talking with the team, from day one, the first goal is the product. They want that the product is 100% compliant with all laws, works without any problems, is easy to use even for "non-crypto" people and that platform is secured. In the next stage, they are preparing marketing activities in countries where platform trading is already working. For sure some guys from non-EU countries will have to wait little more, for start using SNC platform.

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On public chat channels, the team is discussing with some group members who are disappointed over the price of SNC. But this is not the main issue right now. When talking to the team, from day one the most important goal was the product. They want to have the product that is 100% compliant with regulation, works without any problems, is easy to use even for "non-crypto" users and platform that is safe and secure. Currently, they are preparing grounds for expansion to new markets and intensifying customer acquisition activities in Slovenia. Surely, some non-EU countries will have to wait longer for official opening of SunContract platform.

If you look at SUNCONTRACT official channels like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MEDIUM, REDDIT and others you will find out that team members are busy having business travels around the world to introduce SunContract to global companies that are working in the energy sector. The team is in contact with big solar and energy companies, regulatory representatives etc. And this is something we should be proud of. They could spend a lot of money for creating a hype and bring the price to the moon but that would have little or zero effect on the future of the project.

With increased products purchases on the SunContract platform use of SNC tokens will rise and the price will follow.

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For the future, I would suggest patience. The team is doing a great job. Team members are working from morning till’ night on the implementation of new features to the platform. Founders of the project are traveling around the world and introducing the project to big market players and the legal team is dealing with legislation and implementation of the SunContract platform to new countries. Guys, please remember that Slovenia is just a testing polygon for the SUNCONTRACT project. Testing is going by the plan and the next step is much bigger than the first one. If you want to succeed you have to start at the 

beginning and make many small steps to learn how to fly. And this is the path SUNCONTRACT wants to follow. 

Below you can find some pictures of our happy platform users, usage of the platform and more.



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