SunContract Offers Customers Reduced Electricity Prices — COVID-19 Response


Dear SunLovers,

At SunContract, we are working alongside public officials to help reduce the impact of COVID-19 in our community by additionally helping small business owners and households to reduce their electricity bills.


With an unprecedented number of people staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we believe people should be focused on keeping their families safe and not on what time of day they should do laundry or wash dishes in order to save on energy.


They thank you today, and they thank you each and every day for your continued support in the SunContract project. Even during these trying times of COVID-19, the team remains determined and committed to continue innovating and adding value to our family - YOU! Happy 2nd Anniversary to the SunContract Project! 

Dev. Update: New Electricity Management Portal

Partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Dear SunLovers,

When developing the SunContract platform, TEAM had one goal in mind: to give energy customers control over their energy-related decisions by creating a myriad of possibilities — using blockchain. Some of the possibilities that arose from developing the platform include:

The EU’s electricity market: Changes in the future

The liberalization of power markets has led to substantial changes in the way electricity is generated and used. It created competition in a traditionally monopolistic and conservative industry, allowing new business models to emerge and new players to challenge incumbent utilities. Konrad Purchała explains.

SunContract CEO - Gregor Novak interviewed by Carlo Cerutti of CNBC News

SunContract CEO - Gregor Novak was interviewed by Carlo Cerutti of CNBC News in Monaco. The SunContract team presented the project to key industry leaders at the 9th Global Family Office Investment Summit and CEO Gregor Novak spoke at the event, he also participated in a blockchain panel and was interviewed by CNBC regarding the project.

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