Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



What is SunContract?

SunContract is an energy trading platform that utilizes blokchain technology to create a new business model for buying and selling electricity. With the SunContract platform you can exchange electricity with any person you wish directly. Simply join the platform and select from an array of services.


Which platform will you use to facilitate your tokenisation?

Ethereum, SNC tokens are an ERC20 smart contract.


How can I protect my funds?Which wallet can I use?

Any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. We recommend MyEtherWallet. Your funds can also be stored on the SunContract platform.


What exchanges is SNC listed with/ Where can I buy SNC?

SNC can be purchased from the exchanges listed on Currently SNC is listed with: Huobi, HitBTC, OKEx, Kucoin, YoBit, EtherDelta, IDEX


Which countries does your solution support?

We’d like to first focus on countries, where we are most knowledgeable of energy policy framework. We found a solution to provide SunContract services within existing regulatory framework in several EU countries, Turkey and also in some Middle Eastern countries like UAE (Dubai) and Jordan.


Will this project only support renewable energy?

SunContract would like to take the full potential of renewables but is not limited only to them.


Where from do we get transmission lines to send and receive electricity?

We will use existing transmission and distribution grid infrastructure.


When will the platform launch?

The SunContract P2P energy trading platform launched on 13th of April in Slovenia. We are the first P2P energy trading platform.


ICO details:

Token creation and release dates: 28 June 2017, audited between 20 June and 27 June
Token sale start date: 28. June 2017
Total available token supply: 122,707,502 SNC
Amount raised in ICO: USD 2,000,000
ICO price: USD 0.016 / 0.0001 ETH per token

Distribution and usage of proceeds: Fundraising and token distribution was performed through the Smart Contract announced on SunContract Github and on Ethereum blockchain. Every ETH sent to the smart contract resulted in newly created 10,000 SNC tokens. The process was automatized and every contributor received tokens few minutes after Smart Contract received ETH. Tokens were released for transfers one week after the token sale.


You can buy SNC on  


Rezultat iskanja slik za huobi


Rezultat iskanja slik za hitbtc


Rezultat iskanja slik za kucoin

Rezultat iskanja slik za okex

Rezultat iskanja slik za yobit

Rezultat iskanja slik za idex


Rezultat iskanja slik za fork delta








About SNC

SunContract is an energy-trading platform that utilizes blockchain technology to create a new business model for buying and selling electricity. SunContract Platform will use existing grid and optimize current operations that are costly and inefficient. User-friendly applications will be developed to secure mainstream adoption of our service.


Ethereum based
SNC token is an Ethereum based token, which gives us stability and security.
Purchase of digitally-tradable crypto-token
SNC token has a real value attached to it in the form of digital electricity, purchasing solar power plants and heat pumps and services of Bitcoin Association.

 Available pairs on Exchanges are: SNC/ETH, SNC/BTC and SNC/USD. More pairs are coming.

Decentralized. Smart. Clean.

SunContract's goal is to contribute to greater independence when it comes to energy, finance and mobility. 

How it works

SunContract joins together Independent Power Producers and Consumers. They connect to the decentralized energy market platform through SunContract mobile APP.






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