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SunContract tackles Community AMA (TRANSCRIPT)

Youtube AMA Link

Our greatest community member Lukas Duke made a transcription of May 2019 AMA.  In this month AMA we've got interesting answers. Take a few minutes and read below. You will find out that the SNC project is developing with nice tempo and that team is working great. 


Winnie:” Hi guys, so I’m here at the office. So, we’ve Gregor SunContract CEO and we’re just going to address many of the questions that you have had because you know, it’s a priority for us to make sure that you’re informed and you know, what’s going on in the project.”

Winnie: “So Gregor, how are you doing today?”

Gregor: “Great. Thank you. It’s nice to have you here”

Winnie: “I’m happy to be here too, the office is beautiful and its big and spacious, I’ll give you guys a tour at some point on Telegram. But yeah, so we have many questions from the community regarding partnerships finances, marketing, and trading. And I think a good place to start is partnerships because that’s a key point for community members . Where are we with partnerships?”

Gregor: “It’s very important part of us that we that we have partners because we want to open SunContract platform also to partners, in Slovenia and worldwide. . But yes, first of all, we have different levels of partners. The first level is that we have partners who are actually bringing SunContract P2P energy market to different countries. We’re working hard on Italian market and also some other European markets we are working on so. We are sure that at least one of those markets we open this year with success for SunContract. It will be a success for SunContract but this is mostly now we’re working in Europe because of the liberalized market that is possible to do most of the European countries — to open SunContract platform. But as well we were active also in Asia, we did the contract with CEZA but in CEZA was actually SunContract involved with the digital highway with the platform, but in Philippines CEZA is a big player But actually, they are looking for investors to invest in the infrastructure, basic infrastructure to have enough electricity renewables and this actually they’re doing by themselves looking for some other Asian partners And we are looking for this to happen that some infrastructure will be built and then SunContract can jump in. So, this will certainly won’t be this year, maybe next year maybe but we don’t know exactly it more depends on CEZA investor side.

Winnie: “So we’ll jump right into finances and marketing. Could you summarize the financial situation of the project? how are we doing for sales ?”

Gregor: “Yes actually we just gave a report to the financial report. I think we saw the situation and we see actually we are very good standing also financial wise. The best way how we introduce our finances through sales. So, the last year we completed more than 1.1–1.2 million u.s. Dollars of contracts for pure electricity. It was a very big success for the first few months actually in the real operations because we know that most of the contracts are yearly based and so most of the contracts were signed in the last three months towards the end of the year We are working on we are onboarding the new customers from residential to business also to industrial some few new factories joined us this year so our sales increased 20% in Q1 only and yes Q1 is actually the weakest quarter after the last quarter (Q4), which is the strongest one. So, we are very satisfied but of course we continue and this is just in Slovenia. Because now we have P2P market open just in Slovenia. But yeah, we’re just going to continue adding new markets and we expect that these contracts double or triple compared to the last year (2018) “

Winnie:That’s great. So, on the platform we’re also selling energy self-sufficiency products. How did we do for sales between last year’s and Q1 (2019)”

Gregor: “Actually, very good. This is Q1 we doubled last year’s sales so because of the booming of the solar around the Europe of cancelling the anti-dumping and it showed also in Slovenia and I think all around Europe the renewals are growing and we doubled the SunContract in this Q1 versus whole of 2018 sales.

Winnie: “So where do you expect us to be at the end of the year in terms of both self-sufficiency products and electricity sales.”

Gregor: I think in the next year we will double or triple the electricity revenue for the platform and of course also triple or even five times the last year renewable energy product sales, through the platform

Winnie: “And when it comes to market share one of the community members is asking how much do we expect to capture in Slovenia?

Gregor: “What do u want to have?”

Winnie: “100% (laughs)

Gregor: “100% of course! Yeah, that’s actually that’s very nice is 50% ok?

Winnie: “No, 100 (*laugh*)

Gregor: “Actually seriously we want to have some significant share, of course, but we are looking more European wise and even the worldwide later on. So, it’s for us much more important to have some share. Let’s say a few percent in each country where we entering not to have fifty percent that’s in one country. Because we are platform meant to be global meant to connect different markets into one big worldwide market

Winnie: “So focus is to enter as many markets as possible. Instead of penetrating and focusing on only one market?”

Gregor: “Yes. So, Winnie tell me, how is marketing going.?”

Winnie: “So marketing is going well as you mentioned. We did really well in sales. We’re up 20% at the worst time of the year for electricity sales and signing of contracts. We’ve doubled sales in energy self-sufficiency products as well. So now that we have the full P2P marketplace, we’re going to even increase marketing activities a bit more. We’re working with many people including local partners here in Slovenia and in the countries that we’d like to enter. So that’s going to really increase the activities of marketing not just for us as a company, but also with the help of partners. We also will be rolling out the website hopefully in the next couple of weeks and as you all know the website is the first point of interaction for any potential customer or partner So that’s going to be very important for us and we can then really increase marketing activities. So yeah, we should probably address some of the trading questions because there are a bunch of them. One of the community members asks is it allowed to overlap agreements and have more than one P2P contract at the same time?

Gregor: “Yeah, sure. Our customers, they usually can have more than one P2P contract so this we have the system then of first come, first serve. And yeah, of course, if you sign a fixed contract with the platform for certain level you can then accept a better price from the other users and you can accept from more than one. In the platform, we have actually we are calculating how much you cover actually with this contract you’ve already signed and when you are at 100% then you cannot continue to add a new supplier. So yeah, of course you can have more than one contract.

Winnie: “And then there’s another question: Will the platform show which contract is currently being executed?

Gregor: “You can see this through the platform when you look through settlements, you’ll see exactly the price and which contract was executed”

Winnie: “Alright, and then there’s another question here from a community member. Will a consumer see where their source of energy is coming from?”

Gregor: “Consumers they can see where the energy coming from if they do individual contracts. If they invite somebody they know, they know exactly that the energy comes from them but on the marketplace, they don’t know from who but they can see the type of energy. They see whether it is a solar wind biomass — what type of renewable energy they are using consuming they can see that but they cannot see from who.

Winnie: Okay, so they always can see what kind of energy, but they don’t get to know exactly whom the energy is coming from. There’s another question from a community member and they are saying Can I be made to pay more than the contract price?

Gregor: “You actually cannot pay more than the contract price This we actually put to the system, to the platform but if you are really willing to do this then you need to do another annex to the contract and then you higher the contract price and then you can access the higher price on the platform but usually contract price is the celling price

Winnie: “Who will ensure that there is enough energy for customers?”

Gregor: “Yeah. This is actually balance group’s responsible party who is taking care that there is always enough energy to be supplied or to be bought from the producers. So, everybody who’s in this balance group, SunContract balance group, has access to energy, doesn’t matter whether they have enough individual or other contracts done on the platform or not. So, if there is no contract on P2P with other parties then the platform provides the rest needed that they have enough energy or enough energy can also be bought from producers.

Winnie: “I see. So, balance group responsible is the party. And then there’s a question on roadmap. Will we have another roadmap? If so, when? “

Gregor: “Yes roadmap we have course we have our roadmap until 2022 already done. it is more an internal roadmap We have, we don’t want to disclose all details — to the public because they’re also beside our community our competitions looking over us and we don’t want to disclose. I can tell you — I can promise that we are preparing a lot of exciting stuff, a lot of new stuff which is going out in few weeks, few months, this year, next year. We are preparing and we will continue this, new services and also regarding to spreading around the new territories, new countries so but we will disclose when the time is right and when it’s appropriate time that we can go on. That we actually also maximize the services; what we are putting on the market.

Winnie: “Perfect and I’m just going to add onto that, that part of our roadmap is obviously increasing number of users in the countries where we are currently operating As well as market research and working towards entering new markets. So, we’re now at the end of the AMA, maybe if you have some final words, what is your outlook on the project?

Gregor: “Yes, as we have talked, we are very satisfied with the last year and this year. We are actually very exciting with the new services we are developing and we will issue on the platform. Of course, all of these new services the SNC token will be essential. To pay with SNC Token and we are going to x2, x3 or even maybe more increase the number of users and sales. We are going to open at least one country this year and maybe …

Winnie:Is this going to be Italy?”

Gregor: “Maybe it’s going to be Italy, maybe not. We will see which will be fastest. So in next year, of course the follows the bigger countries as well. So, I think it’s going to be very exciting especially because we are going to launch a new global service, which would be available actually for almost everybody.

Winnie: “Ok perfect, thank you very much Gregor. And yeah, we invite you guys to join us on our social media channels, we’re active on telegram, as well on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Bitcointalk, Blockfolio, Signal Delta, Instagram. We’re going to link that in the description below.

Have a good one. Bye

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